Our Agency and Team

Ocala Travel is built by our incredible team! We’ve been serving Central Florida since 1999 with offices in both The Villages and Ocala.

Pictures of our team are forthcoming!


Wendy Bozeman Owner Wendy@OcalaTravel.com

April Powell Manager April@OcalaTravel.com

Carla Krysalka Group Administrator Carla@OcalaTravel.com

Julie Dossey Travel Advisor Julie@OcalaTravel.com

Kathryn and Bud Shepherd Travel Advisor AmazingAdventures@OcalaTravel.com

Laura Vanstrom Travel Advisor Laura@OcalaTravel.com

Leigh Seidner Travel Advisor Leigh@OcalaTravel.com

Nancy Robey Travel Advisor Nancy@OcalaTravel.com

Sue Smith Travel Advisor SueSmith@OcalaTravel.com

Teresa Ruud Travel Advisor Teresa@OcalaTravel.com

Kaitlin Williams Document and Group Agent Documents@OcalaTravel.com